Subscription Policy
Effective date: 10 October 2023.
Introductory Provisions
Esti mobile application provided by Prequel Inc. (hereinafter “Prequel”) allows you to get certain features and functionality by means of a subscription model.
1. Esti Pro
1.1. Esti Pro is a paid subscription that gives you access to the collection of custom-made filters, effects & tools for photo and video editing (hereinafter the “Services”).

1.2. Esti Pro may offer different subscription plans. Depending on the subscription plan chosen, subscriptions may be billed weekly, monthly or annually.

1.3. To subscribe for one of the subscription plans of Esti Pro, you should use your account in one of the third-party services such as Google Play or App Store.

1.4. Subscription for Esti Pro auto-renews at the cost of the chosen subscription plan unless cancelled 24 hours in advance prior to the end of the then-current subscription term. Unless you cancel the subscription before the billing date, you will be automatically charged the subscription fee for the next billing cycle in accordance with the conditions of the subscription plan chosen.

1.5. From time to time Prequel may offer special promotional subscription plans for Esti Pro. Special subscription plans may have differing conditions and limitations, which will be disclosed at your sign-up or in other communications made available to you.

1.6. We may change our subscription plans and the price of our service from time to time; however, we will provide you with prior notification regarding such changes.

1.7. In the event of a change in price for your subscription plan which you were duly informed of as provided in paragraph 1.6 herein, a new subscription price would be effective from the billing period following the then-current subscription billing period.
2. Free Trials
2.1. Your subscription for Esti Pro may start with a Free trial. A Free trial is intended to allow new members and certain former members to try the Services provided as part of the subscription for Esti Pro. The duration of the Free trial term of your subscription will be specified during sign-up.

2.2. Free trial eligibility is determined by Prequel at its sole discretion and we may limit eligibility or duration of the Free trial's term in order to prevent abuse.

2.3. In order to receive access to the Free trial, you should make a subscription for one of the subscription plans for Esti Pro. During the term of the Free trial, you will not be charged for the use of Esti Pro while having access to the same functions which are normally provided exclusively as part of the subscription for Esti Pro. Kindly note that if the sign-up displays the full subscription price for Esti Pro, it indicates that you are not eligible for a Free trial.

2.4. After the free trial period ends, your subscription will be automatically converted into a paid subscription based on the chosen subscription plan. To avoid being charged, you can disable automatic renewal at any time up to 24 hours before the trial ends. Please follow the instructions given by Google Play or App Store to cancel subscriptions and recurring charges that are billed.

2.5. If you do not disable the renewal, the subscription fee will be charged to your payment method. From that point forward, your subscription will automatically renew based on the specified pattern mentioned above. It is important to note that uninstalling the app will not cancel your subscription.
3. Cancellation of subscription
3.1. In order to cancel a subscription for Esti Pro, please follow the instructions of the respective app store on cancellation of a subscription (for additional instructions on how to cancel a subscription in your third-party service please see terms and conditions of the relevant app store).

3.2. Once your subscription is cancelled, Esti Pro will be available to you until the end of the billing period, and your subscription will not be renewed after the then-current subscription term expires. The already-started subscription period cannot be discontinued or cancelled.

3.3. No fee paid hereunder shall be refundable, notwithstanding suspension or termination of your account at Esti, your failure to utilize any part of the services (including features and/or functionality available under a paid subscription and/or on a paid basis), the prepayment or cancellation of the services or for any reason whatsoever, except where otherwise specified by Prequel.

3.4. When you purchase a subscription, you undertake an in-app purchase, and the payment for such purchase will be processed directly by the owner of the app store, and will be governed by their terms and conditions as well as other applicable policies. Please review and accept the terms and conditions of the app store with regard to your rights to cancel orders and get related refunds. Thus, if you have any payment-related issues you are advised to contact the app store directly. All purchases made through services are final and non-refundable, except when required by law. You agree that you will not receive money or other compensation for unused services.

3.5. If you need to report a problem with a subscription that you have purchased using Services, you will need to follow instructions provided by Apple or Google. Please note, transactions made through the App Store or Google Play are between the User and the respective app store. Prequel cannot directly manage the refund and/or cancellation process on behalf of the User.
4. Closing provisions
4.1. Any reference in paragraphs 1.4 herein to a specific time shall refer to the time in the time zone where you were located at the moment of commencement of the related event. (For example, a reference to the cancellation of a subscription 24 hours in advance prior to the end of the then-current subscription term means that 24 hours should be counted in the same time zone where you initially subscribed for your current subscription plan in Esti Pro).

4.2. By subscribing to Esti Pro, you acknowledge that the subscription is available in multiple countries, and the currencies used in those countries may differ. Furthermore, you understand that these currencies may fluctuate in value throughout the duration of your chosen subscription term. Please be aware that as Prequel does not handle payment processing for the subscription directly, we disclaim any responsibility for changes in the subscription price due to fluctuations in exchange rates as reflected by the respective app store.

4.3. Please acknowledge that as Prequel is not processing payment for the subscription, we rescind from responsibility for

(i) any fees or commissions relating to the processing of payment of subscription price,

(ii) any refusal of the payment method (including Payment methods as provided in paragraph 1.3 herein or any bank or credit organization used by you in order to process the payment) to accept and/or process.

Any complaints regarding the processing of payment should be filed to the respective app store, bank or financial institution through which the respective payment was made.

For any additional questions, please, contact [email protected].